Ceres Group LLC is a Mid-west company focused on investing in three (3) principal areas: (i) Green and alternative fuel technologies; (ii) Advanced and high growth technologies; and (iii) Distressed companies with a competitive advantage but having suffered from an industry downturn, over-leverage, having operation inefficiencies and/or having inadequate management resources.

Ceres Group is focused on investing or acquiring controlling interest in mature or growing businesses, which can benefit from the firm's operating, strategic or management expertise. The firm combines the operational expertise and detailed due diligence capabilities of a strategic buyer/investor with a seasoned transactional team of a financial buyer/investor. Our interest is to create substantial value in our portfolio companies alongside management.

One of our preliminary areas of focus is investing in Ecoeconomics. We have coined the term "A-Cure" prioritizing investing opportunities in leading edge new technology associated with Green:

A - Alternate fuels, including diesel, hydrogen, and electric
C - Conservation, whether thru extended life cycle usage or fuel economy improvements
U - Usage, improvements in applications, secondary treatments, substitutions and reuse
R - Recycling, plastic materials, rubber, batteries and oil
E - Efficiency and emissions - improvement in fuels economy, reductions in particulate,         after treatment technologies